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GIST is recruiting a Project Manager to support the delivery of our projects in Africa and the Middle East. From our perspective, no two Project Managers are alike. They often come from different backgrounds with different skillsets and styles, each adding a unique take on managing a project in this complex sector. However, they do have at least one thing in common – they are driven by their accountability for impact and make things happen. GIST’s name was born from a desire to simplify complex problems and to prioritise substance over style. This is what we believe can lead to sustainable, meaningful change and Project Managers are at the centre of making that happen. The gist is: our Project Managers can take a theoretical idea and bring it to life whilst remaining honest and realistic. 

GIST works on a range of interesting projects- from researching the conflict drivers in the Lake Chad Basin, to investigating illicit finance flows in Somalia, to training military organisations in Iraq – there is never a dull moment. The Project Manager’s main role is to break down the project’s goals into tasks, plan timelines for its delivery, allocate project resources, monitor and report on results and most importantly, keep communication open and collaborative amongst the key project stakeholders. In order to achieve this, travel to our project locations may be required from time to time.  

As we are a relatively new organisation so you will also have the opportunity to pave the way and develop the company’s overall approach to Project Management. This means developing the tools and resources to effectively and efficiently achieve results in often, short time frames. We like to think outside the box, be creative and innovate in a sector that can sometimes feel bureaucratic, traditional and habitual. We hope this is something that excites you too.    

You will also be involved in helping the company with new opportunities and initiatives. This means developing concept notes for clients on a specific project idea or methodology, writing sections in proposals on how and why we can deliver a piece of work, and liaising with clients and local partners on the problems they’re facing and how we might be able to fix them.

skills and experience

Project management requires a combination of specific hard and soft skills to effectively shepherd a project through the various phases of its cycle. The below captures the most important ones as we see them:

  • You need a solid understanding of Project Management tools and resources, including budgeting, risk matrices, workplans and contracting, to ensure projects are compliantly delivered to a high standard, on time and within budget.
  • Ideally, you are a bit of an excel whiz who can stay on top of the numbers, ensuring value for money for GIST and our clients.
  • Field experience in one - or more - of our countries of operation is preferred.
  • You have strong prioritisation and organisation skills. Assessing the relative value and impact of one task over another is key to effectively planning and administrating a well-functioning project. You are good at being able to say no and can pivot or shift to other tasks when the unexpected happens.
  • You need a good understanding of monitoring results, this could be experience with monitoring and evaluation techniques or qualitative and quantitative research pieces.
  • You must be a strong communicator, team player and leader and be able to bring a team along with you on a project. Every team member should know their roles and responsibilities and how their contribution impacts the bigger picture. Teams are often made up of a diverse group of people with a mix of languages and cultures, an international outlook and an empathic approach are essential.
  • You have a concrete understanding of the international development and aid sector and have worked with clients, partners and beneficiaries    on problems in developing countries or ideally, fragile and conflict-affected states. This is because it is helpful to be able to speak the language of the sector, comprehend client expectations and reflect on the scope and what is achievable. More importantly, it also means you will take an approach that is locally practical and appropriate, as well as and socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • University qualifications in a social science or science and qualifications in project or product management are a plus. We care about what you can do not where you come from.
  • We care about what you can do not where you have come from.
  • Fluency in English is required. Proficiency in another language is a bonus.
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