Learning and Strategy Design

We help clients absorb critical data into their decision-making processes and advise on programme design and policy development.

GIST supports clients throughout the project lifecycle, providing technical assistance and strategic advisory in restrictive contexts, particularly at the entry and exit stages. We engage and advise clients at the design stage, help them modify approaches during delivery, and support handover and egress.

Our methods include the following:

Strategy Design and Adaptation

We help our clients map out strategic and implementation options and decide on the most appropriate ones based on systemic cost-benefit and risk-reward ratio analysis. We conduct multi-layered context analysis to identify pathways for impact and support programme adaptation when the operating environment, working hypotheses and policy objectives change.

Stakeholders’ engagement

We help our clients to select, understand and work with critical stakeholders. Using social network and political economy analysis systematically, we identify strategic stakeholder groups who can act as catalysts of change – whether to support institutional, social or conflict transformation initiatives.

GIST can also support organisations in setting up and developing research and expertise networks to support programming.