training and Capacity Building

We deliver bespoke training and flexible, adaptable and iterative capacity-building for government institutions engaged in reconciliation efforts, security sector reform and socio-economic development.

GIST brings a multi-disciplinary, multi-layered approach to training and capacity-building challenges. Personnel with experience from implementation to strategy design ensures that client requirements are fully understood and translated into bespoke, context-specific solutions.

A mixture of management, operational and analytical staff drawn from various backgrounds - including relief, development, government, military, and commercial sectors - brings extensive experience to support the design and delivery of integrated, scalable and agile projects.

We work closely with donors and recipients to understand their priorities and provide cost-effective, measurable change. Our organic approach to understanding rules, patterns, personalities, and relationships means we design projects that realistically align client aims and recipient aspirations. Our granular understanding of the environments where we work means our planning and delivery are environmentally and culturally appropriate, and adaptable.

Activities include:

Institutional & technology assessments

Our team provides detailed organisational functionality and capability assessments, including analysis of current and future technology requirements, whilst highlighting the training and change management implications of adopting these.

Institutional Development

Our experts merge best practices with pragmatism and cultural awareness to design and implement effective and sustainable organisational change.

Leadership, strategy and management

Organisational change and operational success require leaders who think and act effectively. We provide training and mentoring for decision-makers at every level of an organisation.

Training and Mentoring

We specialise in delivering integrated cross-platform training and mentoring, enhancing traditional skill sets with sustainable processes, systems, tools and technologies.